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Many years ago, I wanted to be Martha Stewart. I totally and completely idolized her in my 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. I do believe I’ve written about my early years as a cook, gardener, hostess and caterer. Watching Martha cut fresh flowers and put them in a vase was my equivalent to my Dad watching…

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It’s a cinnamon morning here at Café Josey.  A good night’s sleep, happy thoughts, life is good…and the day is mine. All of the wonderful ingredients for a relaxing weekend. What is a cinnamon morning? Well, a Saturday morning makes the best cinnamon morning of all. So, this Saturday, I woke up with that nesting…

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Josephine awoke slowly to the soft colors of dawn displayed like a watercolor framed behind sheer lace. Sweet exhaustion had claimed her after months of work, seeing to each little detail – until everything was as close to perfect as her technicolor mind had always imagined. As a result of years of dreaming, building, writing,…