Cafe Josey: The Novella

Novella: Installment #8: Walking the Earth

Josephine had an interesting conversation with a close friend over some Tex Mex on a Saturday afternoon. It was a late night call, depression and all of the things he should have done over the years of marriage. Watching someone he loves leave him with a note after decades of marriage – and turn to…

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Novella: Installment #3: Independence Day


Josephine was having a surge of all things freedom. She wanted to take out her own little freedom flag and set it alongside the little American flags that would be lining her walkway for the 4th of July celebration. He had left the country for two years. It was a blessed relief after having to…

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Fall for a Minute: Time for Comfort Food


Today, we had our first real cold front come through in Texas – and everyone has a spring in their step. It’s raining off and on – flooding in Texas – but somehow the temperatures dropping to keep out the hot and humid is making Texans just be a little nicer, walk a little lighter…and…

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Creamed Moonshine…Cafe Josey’s New Favorite Thing

Have you ever had a touch of Moonshine? No – I’m not talking about the Moonshine of old – the illegal – avoid the law – burn your sinuses – lighter fluid – which came about during Prohibition from the Appalachian Mountain Valley – and sparked muscle cars, NASCAR and Ricky Bobby. I’m talking about…

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Vulcan Wars

Anyone who talks to me for longer than a couple of minutes knows of my obsession for The Vulcan commercial range. It’s an obsession that has haunted my dreams for years, sending me into some of the finest kitchens in restaurants around the world…like a sleepwalker looking for chocolate…like a lost soul looking for the…

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Spicy Ragu w/ Herbs by Cafe Josey

Picture this…Spicy Italian Sausage, Herbs, Peppers and Onions Meet Smooth Asiago Cheese…and they have a baby. This is their baby…and it will be yours. A quick, simple recipe that you can make the center of the table…a main course. Or serve it as one of your favorites. If you have access to purchase fresh fettuccine…

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Memorial Day Recipes: Chipotle Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder (Pulled Pork)

Our family is getting together for Memorial Day, and spending the day by the pool. I’ve been slow roasting a pork shoulder to make pulled pork sliders, to be served with a Napa Cabbage Slaw with a Sriracha Buttermilk Homemade Ranch Slaw Sauce, filled with fresh herbs, apples, carrots and red onion. I hope you…

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Novella: Installment #2: Parisian Mornings and a Texas Rose


Josephine opened the front door to smell the fresh early morning air. The planters filled with red and yellow English roses were in bloom, and they climbed up and around her door, forming an arch of vivid color and soft perfume.  Savory herbs spilled from the planters, mingling their distinct scent.  A light dew covered…

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