Fall for a Minute: Time for Comfort Food


Today, we had our first real cold front come through in Texas – and everyone has a spring in their step. It’s raining off and on – flooding in Texas – but somehow the temperatures dropping to keep out the hot and humid is making Texans just be a little nicer, walk a little lighter…and smile…big, teeth blaring smiles. Makes me want some Comfort Food.

I’m right in the middle of my new cookbook – getting it over the line to get it published and out into the world… “Café Josey: Comfort Foods” – and if I could just take this day and extend the cold front through the next two weeks, I can’t begin to tell you how much final cooking and photography I’d finish…and go to final edit. I want to make chili. I want to make stew. I want a pot roast. I want some Comfort Food. Period. It’s the perfect day to take into the evening with a big bowl of chili, a fluffy blanket and a great book. Or, maybe pull out my Grandma James’ Pot Roast recipe and surprise my Dad. Throw some cheese, garlic and herb biscuits baked in my large cast iron skillet to round it out. Whatever I do, I’ll be twisting it all out with a little Texas spice – and sticking firmly to my Southern/Texas roots. As you have probably figured out, being Southern – we are all about Comfort Food. It’s our thing.

If you know about Texas – you know that the weather can change in a minute. But, we look forward to the temperatures dropping from the triple digits – and heading even into the 60’s and 70’s or 80’s for a change. It brings out the best in everyone. Makes me think of Southern Comfort and Apple Cider, Pumpkin Scones…High school football games Thursday and Friday…and watching the Dallas Cowboys on a Sunday afternoon or evening with family and friends.

I can’t even begin to reference all of the foods which I think of when it’s Fall here in Texas. A drive out into the Texas Hill Country takes on different colors during the day – and the skies are filled with stars at night. Looks like white paint exploded up against a pitch, dark sky. It’s probably my favorite part of the Hill Country – seeing the explosion of stars at night – something we don’t really get to see up here in the city.

Apples, Cinnamon, Nuts, Sweet Potatoes…all things Pumpkin and Spice. Roasted everything in a tart. I especially love Gruyere tarts and filling them with either sweet apples or roasted cherry tomatoes. Come to think about it – both recipes would be nice in my new cookbook. I’ll get it finished soon enough.

If you are here in Texas – or sitting across the pond in Europe – I hope you are enjoying your seasons – the bounty of each display – and that when it’s time for a little comfort – you share it with something you love.

God Bless!


P.S. Here’s a little Texas for ya’…